Staff and Students

Computational Archaeology Laboratory: Staff and Students

Prof. Leore Grosman - Head of Computational Archaeology Laboratory

Prof. Uzy Smilansky - Founder, consultant 

Ortal Harush - PhD student

Francesco Valletta - PhD student

Antoine Muller - PhD student

Hadas Goldgeier - PhD student

Lena Dubinsky - PhD student

Talia Yashuv - M.A. student

Keren Nebenhaus - M.A. student

Naama Glauber - programmer

Marcelo David - programmer

Ahiad Ovadia - former student at the lab, now curator of prehistoric cultures at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem

Natanel Paz - former student at the lab, currently at the IAA. 

Itamar Dag

Omri Ganchrow

Yoav Yoskovich

Postdoctoral Researchers:

Dr. Marta Modolo

Dr. Gadi Herzlinger

The laboratory team visiting Tel Azekah (Photo Oded Lipschits)


Lab staff working at the Timna Valley Project, photo by Liron Narunsky