Gadi Herzlinger

Gadi Herzlinger


Dr. Gadi Herzlinger   

Post-doctoral research fellow

Computational Archaeology Laboratory

Research Project topic: Human population dynamics in the Middle Paleolithic Levant: A computer vision-based approach to mandibular analysis

Supervisor: Prof. Uzy Smilansky

In the framework of the current project, I am engaged with the development of a computer vision-based software for morphological analysis of hominin mandibles, with the aim of elucidating aspects of population dynamics in the Middle Paleolithic Levant. This computational tool will be based on analytical geometry principles to provide an objective, quantitative, and high-resolution morphological characterization of specific mandibular structures directly from 3D digital models. Among others, the tool will quantitatively express the symmetry, curvature, and topological aspects of anatomical regions such as the superior ramus area, dental arcade, and mental protuberance. Its application to fossil and modern samples of human mandibles will facilitate the association between specific patterns of morphological variability and different demographic, behavioral and taxonomic factors known to affect mandibular morphology. Applying the computational tool to specimens from the Middle Paleolithic Levant, commonly classified as either Neanderthals or anatomically modern humans (AMH), will provide a more reliable and precise characterization of their variability than is currently available from previous studies. Examination of the morphological variability in structures associated with different factors will allow to assess the degree to which it is associated with different taxonomies rather than differences in demographic or life-history factors.

Previous projects:

Recent publications:

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