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Academic secretary

Ms. Orna Avidar
Phone: 02-5882404
Office Hours:
Sunday to Wednesday 09:30-12:30
Floor 5, Room 503, Institute of Archaeology Building

Heads of Departments

Head of the Prehistoric Archaeology DepartmentProf. Leore Grosman
Head of the Department of Archaeology of the Biblical PeriodProf. Yosef Garfinkel
Head of the Classical Archaeology Department: Prof. Zeev Weiss
Head of the Civilizations of the Ancient Near East DepartmentProf. Nathan Wasserman

M.A. Degree

The M.A. program in archaeology aims to provide students with intellectual tools for functioning as independent researchers in a wide range of archaeological activities such as field work (excavations and surveys) and analysis of various types of finds.  Since archaeological excavations constitute an unrepeatable and irreversible process, training as active archaeologists requires a high degree of professionalism and specialization.

An M.A. degree can be obtained through studies in either the research-oriented program  or the non-research program.  In both programs students can specialize in one or in two sections of the Institute of Archaeology (for example, prehistoric archaeology only, or prehistoric and biblical archaeology).  Students are required to take a certain proportion of courses from departments and disciplines outside the Institute of Archaeology (selected in consultation with their advisors), which must be relevant to the topics of study for the M.A. degree in archaeology.

There is also a specially designed program for a diploma in the teaching of archaeology in high schools.

Additional courses (obligatory): French or German (advanced level).

Admission requirements: Students who wish to study for an M.A. degree will be admitted according to the admission requirements of the Faculty of Humanities.  Students with a B.A. in archaeology who wish to continue their studies in a different section from the one in which they specialized for their B.A. will undertake a specially tailored program to complete their education in the selected section. Students who obtained their B.A. outside the Institute of Archaeology will undertake a personally tailored program of courses to complete their education. This program will invariably include all the introductory courses included in the core curriculum of the first year for the B.A. degree.

A student interested in graduate studies in the Institute of Archaeology will be given personal advice based on his/her previous academic background and topics of interest.


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