Grants and Scholarships

There are several different foundations at the Institute which grant scholarships to students every year.

These scholarships are awarded based on academic excellence to masters and Ph.D students. Most of these scholarships are meant to allow students to work less hours a week so they may concentrate on their studies and research. The scholarships include: David Gita & Michael Hoffman Memorial Scholarships, Palumbo Carasso Scholarship Fund in Archeology, Jack and Simme Coggin Scholarships Endowment Fund, Abraham and Rachel Negev Fund, Perlman Prize in Archeometry, Noy Tamar & Dov Endowment Fund in Prehistorical Archeology, Ruth Amiran Archeology Research Fund.

Ruth Amiran Foundation

A different kind of scholarships are awarded by the Ruth Amiran foundation. These are awarded to independant research projects conducted by graduate students of the Institute, encouraging them to initiate their own reasearch projects. These projects may include archaeological excavations and surveys and analysis of archaeological materials from a variety of periods. 

The Bina and Moshe Stekelis Foundation for Prehistoric Research in Israel - 2020 call for proposals