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Opening hours:
Sunday-Thursday, 8:30-18:00

The library is usually open until 20:00

Telephone: 02-5882415
Fax: 02-5880009

The library staff:

Dr. Ronit Shavit-Hivroni – Head librarian

Sharon Burger – Librarian

Miriam Popovici-Wacks – Prehistory librarian

Ida Stein – Assyriology librarian



The Emery and Claire Yass Library of the Institute of Archaeology

The holdings of the Library of the Institute of Archaeology primarily concern the Ancient Near East from prehistory through the biblical and classical periods and up to the Middle Ages. The library consists of three sub-libraries, Archaeology, Prehistory and Assyriology, and contains over 25,000 books, over 200 current journals, about 15,000 reprints and some private collections that have been donated to the library.

The library

Among these important private collections are:

  • The early travelers’ accounts collected by Arthur Ruppin
  • The library of Roman Ghirshman (Iranology, Central Asia and Islamic Studies)
  • The libraries of Jacob Joel Finkelstein and Benno Landsberger (Assyriology)
  • The collection of Arie Ben-David (Numismatics and Metrology)
  • The reprint collections of Michael Avi-Yonah, Elise Baumgartel, Benjamin Mazar, Avraham Negev and Hayim Tadmor. 

The library

The Library of the Institute of Archaeology is part of the Library Authority of the Hebrew University. The library catalogue (books and journals) is part of the united catalogue of the Library Authority.

A total rebuilding and renovation of the library has recently taken place, thanks to a generous donation by Australian Friends of the Hebrew University, the late Emery and Claire Yass.

The library