Prof. Leore Grosman

Head of the Prehistoric Archaeology Department
Head of Computational Archaeology Laboratory

Professor at the Institute of Archaeology, in the prehistoric archaeology department. 

Research Interests: The transition from a hunting and gathering economic base to food production 12,000 years ago, Prehistoric burial customs: the appearance of cemeteries in prehistoric settlements, Aspects of Epi-Paleolithic flint technology, Rock Cup-Marks Function and Context, Study of the characteristic patterns of Post Depositional Damage, Development of mathematical and computational methods to assist in archaeological research: computer simulations, 3D technology (at Computational Archaeology lab), Excavation at the Late Natufian site of Nahal Ein Gev II.

Ongoing Projects:

  • Excavation project at the Late Natufian site of Nahal Ein Gev II in the Upper Jordan Valley
  • Excavations at Hilazon Tachtit cave, Western Galilee (1997-2008)
  • The study and publication of the Natufian assemblages from Hayonim Cave, Galilee
  • The study of the burials and graves from the Natufian layers at Hayonim Cave and Hilazon Tachtit Cave
  • The study of cup-marks from Natufian and Neolithic sites
  • Application of 3D scanning technology for archaeological research - Computational Archaeology lab
  • AgSub computer simulation for understanding the dynamic turn from hunter-gatherers to food producers

Teaching Topics:

  • Introduction to Levantine Archaeology
  • The Origins of Agriculture: Levant, America and China
  • Transitional Periods in Prehistory
  • Archaeology of Greece
  • Introduction to Prehistory
  • Absolute Dating Methods
  • Quaternary: Upper Paleolithic and Epi-Paleolithic
  • Issues in Archaeological Science

Garduate Students (in the past and present)

PhD Students:

Francesco Valletta

Ortal Harush

Antoine Muller 

Lena Dubinsky

M.A. Students:

Talia Yashuv

Timna Raz

Keren Nebenhaus

Hadas Goldgeier

Ahiad Ovadia (currently the curator of prehistoric cultures at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem)

Noa Kein