Institute's Excavations

Researchers and advanced students of the Institute conduct excavations in Israel and abroad.  Projects cover the time span from the earliest archaeological manifestations (2.3 million years) to medieval sites. While most of the excavations take place in Israel, members of the Institute are currently engaged in projects in Ethiopia, Georgia and Albania. 

Some of the Institute’s biblical and classical excavations are long-term and large-scale projects such as Beth Shean, Caesarea, Dor, Hazor, Sha‘ar Hagolan and Sepphoris.  Some of these projects are carried out in collaboration with academic institutions world-wide.  There are also numerous smaller-scale prehistoric, biblical and classical excavations.  Additionally, extensive regional and problem-oriented surveys are conducted.

The Institute conducts study excavations within each of its three departments, which are part of the core curriculum of first-year students.  Interested participants and volunteers are invited to contact the project directors.


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