Itamar Weissbein

itamar weissbein

Phd thesis topic: Cultural Changes from a Canaanite City State to an Administrative District in a territorial Kingdom: Lachish Region as a Case Study.

Advisor: Prof. Yosef Garfinkel

Summary: The research examines the processes of collapse, Formation, and continuity of ethnic identities and political systems in a distinct geographical area, over a long period, at both ends of which stand different political and ethnic systems.

As a test case, the study focuses on the Lachish region, from the last part of the Late Bronze Age, throughout the Iron Age I until the establishment of the Kingdom of Judah in the foothills (Shephelah) during the Iron Age IIA. The Lachish region experienced significant changes during the period in question, as it stood between various political systems and ethnic groups: Canaanites, Egyptians, Philistines and Judeans.

The research is based on new data from three excavations conducted in recent years: at Tel Lachish, Gal’on Fortress and Khirbet al-Raʿi. The study includes a comprehensive examination of the stratigraphy, architecture, and ceramic assemblages of main excavation areas in Lachish and Khirbet al-Raʿi and a full study of the Gal’on Fortress. These data will allow a detailed analysis of the processes that took place in the region, as well as an examination of various research conceptions regarding: the nature of the Egyptian control and its withdrawal from Canaan, the beginning of Philistine settlement and the establishment of Philistine rule in the region, the question of the existence of a Canaanite enclaves in the foothills; As well as addressing theoretical issues such as the identification of political and ethnic boundaries in the archaeological record.



  • Excavations at Tel Lachish
  • Excavations at Hurbat el-Arai
  • Publication of the excavation at Gal’on Fortress



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