Hadas Goldgeier


M.A thesis topic: Spatial and stratigraphic analysis of the Late Natufian cemetery at Hilazon Tachtit Cave

Advisor: Prof. Leore Grosman

M.A thesis Abstract:

The site of Hilazon Tachtit cave offers a unique window into a 12,000-year-old cemetery. The nature of preservation of site and the meticulous excavation techniques have allowed for a step-by-step reconstruction of the burial ceremony of a shaman. It is postulated that this high-resolution reconstruction can be projected to the rest of the site. Using CAD and GIS software, this study aims to reconstruct the different stages of use at this unique site, revealing complex ritual practices and interaction between ritual, space and landscape. Through detailed mapping of the entire man-made assemblage and the multiple burials, I intend to reconstruct the succession of inhumations and the activities that took place during the burials.   

Research Interests:

  • Burial customs and ritual practice in Prehistory
  • Landscape archaeology and spatial analysis
  • Origins of agriculture
  • The Natufian Culture and Early Neolithic of the Levant
  • Computational applications in archaeology


  • Nahal Ein Gev II Excavation Project since 2015
  • Computational Archaeology Laboratory since 2017