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Meeting with the members from the Prehistoric and Anthropologic Science section of Human Studies Department, Ferrara University

21 January, 2020

They will present:

Prof. Federica Fontana and Dr. Maria Giovanna Cremona:

The first Alpine settlers after the LGM through the evidence from three key-sites of north-eastern Italy: Riparo Tagliente, Casera Staulanza and Mondeval Sora.


Dr. Davide Visentin:

Early Mesolithic settlement systems ​​​​​​and site functional variability in Southern France and Northern Italy  ​

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A Toast to the 9 new Dr. of the Institute!

17 June, 2019
Come raise a toast to the nine new Doctors of the Institute, June 17th at 15:45 at the entrance to the Institute of Archaeology (top floor)
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