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Join our Digital Open Day : MA in Archaeology & the Ancient Near East at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem

27 July, 2022

Uncover ancient history in one of the world’s most inspiring locations! Come to where the Bible took place and learn from world-renowned experts at Hebrew University’s Institute of Archaeology.

Gain scholarly knowledge in the classroom and hands-on experience in major excavations and surveys across Israel, while applying innovative scientific techniques in our computerized archaeological laboratories.


​Scholarships Available

Join our Digital Open Day on August 3 at 5:30PM JLM


Call for Applicants: Scholarships of the Hertog Center for the Archaeological Study of Jerusalem and Judah (2023)

31 March, 2022

The Hertog Center has Ph.D. and Post-Doctoral scholarships available for excellent students who will pursue cutting-edge
research on a range of topics related to the archaeology of Jerusalem and Judah throughout the ages, to be conducted at the Institute of Archaeology of The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Applications must be uploaded to the online application system:  no later than 31.3.2022


Book Launch in Honor of the Publication of the En-Gedi Synagogue Final Excavation Report (Qedem 64)

23 March, 2022

The Institute is happy to announce the publication of a new volume in the Qedem Monograph Series - Qedem 64: The Synagogue at En-Gedi, by Yosef Porath, including chapters on mosaics, coins, glass and the unique inscription in the synagogue floor, as well as flora, fauna and textile remains, by specialists in these fields. The publication of this important synagogue, revealed in the joint Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Israel Antiquities Authority excavations conducted 50 years ago, marks a significant contribution to the study of ancient synagogues in Israel, as well as of Jewish life in the Roman-Byzantine period in this peripheral region. 

The event will take place on Wednesday, March 23rd, at 17:00, in Class 302 (Archaeology Building). 

A Zoom link will be published on this page.

En Gedi - Qedem 64