Prehistoric Archaeology Seminar

Leore Grosman
Yearly Semester, Tuesday 16:30
Room 300


As in every year, the prehistoric department will be holding a seminar including lectures on various topics, given by researchers from Israel and abroad. The talks will be given weekly on Tuesday 16:30, in room 300. The program of the seminar for the first semester is as follows:


Date Lecturer name Title Affiliation
15/11/2022 Lucile Crété Human behaviour under the microscope Centre of Human Evolution Research (CHER), The Natural History Museum, London
22/11/2022 Anna Eirikh Rose Early Pottery Neolithic in Southern Levant: a cultural diversity or a cultural succession. Israel Antiquity Authority
29/11/2022 Ran Barkai Cave Ontologies: Why are caves significant to humans? Tel Aviv University
06/12/2022 Erella Hovers Studying Oldowan assemblages: Insights from low-tech approaches The Hebrew University
13/12/2022 Mae Goder Hunter-Gatherers of the Lower Besor Basin During the Late Middle Paleolithic Ben Gurion University
27/12/2022 Nimrod Marom A deep faunal sequence from the Judean Desert: New methods, new insights, and new Furry Beasts Haifa University
03/01/2023 Assaf Hochman To be announced Institute of Earth Sciences, The Hebrew University
10/01/2023 Laurent Davin Birds 'good to think with'. Natufian symbolic exploitation of the avifauna at Hayonim and Eynan-Mallaha.   Centre de recherche français à Jérusalem and the Hebrew Unievrsity
17/01/2023 Nigel Goring-Morris Balikli and the beginnings of sedentism atop the Central Anatolian plateau The Hebrew University