Dr. Yossi Zaidner

Yossi Zaidner

Research interests:

Human cultural and behavior evolution during the Lower and the Middle Paleolithic; Modern humans & Neanderthals interactions; origins of modern humans; early hominins dispersals and colonization of the Levant; origin of the Levallois technology.

Recent teaching:

  • Prehistory of the Near East

  • The Lower Paleolithic

  • The Middle Paleolithic
  • Experimental archaeology
  • Lithic technology
  • Hunting sites in prehistory

Ongoing projects:

  • Excavations at Tinshemet Cave, a Middle Paleolithic site in central Israel.

  • Humans and their cultural, spatial and symbolic behaviors during the Middle Paleolithic of the Levant (150-100 ky ago); project supported by Israel Science Foundation grant, 2018-2022. Study of lithic technology, use of fire, ground stone tools production technology, sources and use of ochre, use of space, subsistence and hunting strategies at the Middle Paleolithic sites of Nesher Ramla and Tinshemet Cave, central Israel.

  • Mousterian lithic technology and site use at Nesher Ramla (170-80 ky BP), Israel); project supported by Israel Science Foundation grant, 2015-2018. Study of the lithic technology, raw material sources, function of stone tools, mobility and site function at Nesher Ramla, central Israel.
  • Paleogeography, paleoclimate and the Lower Paleolithic archaeology at the fringe of the desert: a multidisciplinary study at the Early Pleistocene site of Bizat Ruhama and the Middle Pleistocene site of Nahal Hesi, southern coastal plain of Israel.
  • Lower to Middle Paleolithic boundary in the Levant: study of Acheulo-Yabrudian and Early Mousterian lithic technology at Misliya Cave, Mount Carmel, Israel.


Graduate students

MA students

Reuven Kapul (graduated in 2014)

Mayan Shemer (graduated in 2016)

Oz Varoner (graduated in 2018)

Yona Riemer-Gafni

Kathryn Pocklington

PhD students

Marion Prévost

Laura Centi

Zohar Turgeman

Alyssa Pietraszek


Dr. Ravid Ekshtain

Selected publications

  • Zaidner Y., Porat N., Zilberman E., Herzlinger G., Almogi-Lubin H., Ruskin Y., 2018. The geo-chronological context of the open-air Acheulian site at Nahal Hesi, Israel. Quaternary International 464: 18-31.
  • Zaidner Y., Centi L., Prevost M., Shemer M. and Varoner O., 2018. An open-air site at Nesher Ramla, Israel, and new insights into Levantine Middle Paleolithic technology and site use. In: Akazawa T. and Nishiaki Y (eds), The Middle and Upper Palaeolithic Archaeology of the Levant and Beyond, Replacement of Neanderthals by Modern Humans Series. Springer, Vertebrate Paleobiology and Paleoanthropology Series, pp. 11-35.
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