Roi Sabar

Roi Sabar
PhD Dissertation Topic: Northern Israel During the Hellenistic Period (4 – 1 c. B.C.E): Geopolitical Changes and Settlement History in Light of the Fortified Sites
Advisor: Prof. Uzi Leibner


Hellenistic Galilee project, research assistant

Khirbet El-Eika, area supervisor

Nahal Aviv Caves excavations 2015, 2017

Acco Train-station project

Tel Qedesh



Sabar, R. (2018) ‘Josephus’ “Cydasa of the Tyrians” (Tel Qedesh) in eastern Upper Galilee’, Journal of Roman Archaeology 31: 387–405.

Sabar, R., Leibner, U., Davidovitch, U. and Langford, B. (2018) ‘The Mount Nitai Cave Survey,’ In: U. Leibner (ed.), Khirbet Wadi Ḥamam: A Roman Period Village and Synagogue in the Lower Galilee, Jerusalem: 286–303.

Wachtel, I., Sabar, R. and Davidovitch, U. (2017) ‘Tell Gush Halav during the Bronze and Iron Ages’, Strata 35: 115–134.

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In preperation: 

Sabar, R. ‘The Hellenistic Pottery’, in: Streit, K. (ed.) in prep. Ein el-Jarba: Excavations in the fields of Hazorea, Jezreel Valley. From the Pottery Neolithic to the Hellenistic Period. Austrian Academy of Sciences.