Dr. Rachel Barkay

rachel barkay
Office hours: By appointment

Teaching fellow at at the Institute of Archaeology, in the classical department.

Research Interests: Numismatics, from the 7th cent. BCE to the Byzantine Period. Specializing in Jewish coins, city coins of the Roman period and Nabataean coins.     


1. Introduction to Numismatics: comprehensive course of the history of coinage emphasizing the typical components of ancient coins in each of the periods. Starting with the transition from weighing metals to coins, the first coins in the west, coinage through the ages from the Greeks to the Byzantines, Jewish coins, methods of producing coins, countermarks, identifying coins from archaeological excavations and recording them.

2. monography for graduate students on “city coins”

Ongoing Projects:

  • Coins from the excavations at Marissa
  • Coins from the excavations at Beth-Govrin
  • Catalogue of city-coins
  • Nabataean coins

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