Pnina Torn Broers

Pnina Torn Broers

M.A. thesis subject: The Monumental Building at Tel Dor

Supervisor: Prof. Ilan Sharon


The Monumental Stone Building (‘MSB’) located in area D2 above the southern bay at Tel Dor, is a structure form the Iron Age I (11th-9th century BCE). Its western part was excavated from 1994-2000, whereas its eastern part was left unexcavated. In the period the MSB was built monumental structures were rare, and therefore the study of it can contribute not only to the local sequence of Tel Dor, but also to the better understanding of Southern Phoenicia and the Levant as a whole. My master thesis aims to answer the question about the function and history of the MSB. The analysis of its stratigraphy, pottery, special finds, and a study of its parallels can shed new light on its role as a main structure in the city of Dor during the early Iron Age. 


  • Core staff of the Tel Dor excavation project (since 2017)
  • Excavations at Tel Dor (2018, 2020), led by Prof. I. Sharon (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
  • Excavations at Khirbet el-Rai (2018-2020 winter seasons), led by Prof. Y. Garfinkel (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
  • Excavations at Tel Esur (2018), led by Dr. S. Bar (Haifa University)