Prof. Nathan Wasserman

Nathan Wasserman
Head of the Civilizations of the Ancient Near East Section

Main research interests: Akkadian literature, mainly from the Old Babylonian period (c. 1900–1500 BCE). Special attention is given to incantations, wisdom literature, and love lyrics.

Two books have recently been published: 

  • Akkadian Love Literature of the 3rd and 2nd Millennium BCELeipziger Altorientalistische Studien 4: Harrassowitz, Wiesbaden, 2016.
  •  The AmoritesA Political History of Mesopotamia in the Early Second Millennium BCE: Carmel Publishing House (in collaboration with Dr. Yigal Bloch. Hebrew).

Current Projects:

Two projects are in their final stages of preparation:

  • The Akkadian accounts of the Flood.

  • Akkadian Magical Literature: Akkadian Incantations of the 3rd–2nd millennium (in collaboration with Dr. Elyze Zomer, Marburg).  

Together with Prof. Michael P. Streck of the Altorientalisches Institut, Universität Leipzig, Nathan Wasserman runs the internet site Sources of Early Akkadian Literature (SEAL) which comprises a hierarchical catalogue of all Akkadian literary texts of the 3rd–2nd millennium by genres and period. SEAL contains many new editions, commentaries and glossaries. 


Nathan Wasserman teaches regularly Akkadian, Akkadian literature, and Mesopotamian history.