M.A. Students


Chen Zeigen

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Advisor: Prof. Erella Hovers, Dr. Ron Shaar


M.A. Thesis summery: In my research I attempt to retrieve paleomagnetic intensity and directional data from two types of common Middle Paleolithic artifacts; burnt chert and burnt sediments remaining from hearths. In the absence of polar reversal events after 760 Ky Bp, archaeomagnetic studies rarely focus on late Pleistocene sites and there is little knowledge of archaeological artifacts from this period that can provide a point-in-time recording of the earth’s magnetic field. My research therefore has two focal point. First, establishing the utility of the aforementioned materials as paleomagnetic recorders; and second, exploring ways in which paleomagnetic data can contribute to our understanding of formation processes in Amud cave.

Current Projects:


Tinshemet cave excavations, since 2018



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