Prof. Ilan Sharon

Ilan Sharon
Head of the Section of Archaeology of the Biblical Period

Research Interests: Archaeological method and theory, Computers, mathematics, statistics in archaeology, The Iron Age in the Levant.

Ongoing Projects:

  • Excavation: Tel Dor Expedition (Director); with Haifa University, Weizmann Institute, University of California, Berkeley; University of Washington, Seattle; Pennsylvania State University.

  • The Hellenization of the Levant (with A. Stewart and B. Martin, University of California, Berkeley; S. Stroup, University of Washington, Seattle). Funding: The Getty Foundation.

  • Mathematical characterization of artifact profiles (with A. Gilboa, Haifa University; U. Smilanski, Weizmann Institute; and I. Saragusti, A. Karasik, T. Goldman – postdoctoral scholars and students). Funding: Bikura.
  • Absolute dating of the early Iron Age in Israel (with A. Gilboa, Haifa University; E. Boaretto, Weizmann Institute). Funding: ISF.

Advanced Students and their Research:

  1. Leore Grossman (with Anna Belfer-Cohen). Mathematical modeling of the beginning of agriculture in the Levant.
  2. David Ben Shlomo (with Aren Maeir, Bar Ilan University). Pottery production centers in Philistia in the Iron Age – a provenience study.
  3. Avshalom Karasik (with Uzy Smilansky, Weizmann Institute and Ayelet Gilboa, Haifa University). Computerized typology of ceramics.
  4. Svetlana Matskevich (with Catriel Beeri – School of Library Science and Informatics). Archaeological documentation and meta-models – electronic publication of archaeological excavation reports.
  5. S. Rebecca Martin (at University of California, Berkeley – with Andrew Stewart). Dor as a case study for the Hellenization of the Levant.
  6. Talia Goldman (with Uzy Smilansky, Weizmann Institute and Ayelet Gilboa – Haifa University). Stylistic change in pottery forms – cognitive factors and motor habit patterns.
  7. Yiftah Shalev (with Ehud Netzer). Town planning at Dor in the Persian–Roman periods.