Halely Harel


PhD thesis topic: “Loanwords as “Cultural Goods”: Contextualizing lexical borrowing from Semitic languages during Second Intermediate Period and New Kingdom Egypt.

Supervisor: Prof. Orly Goldwasser

My doctoral research revolves around the reconstruction of the social and cultural contexts of language transfer between Semitic and Egyptian.



  • Researcher in “Classifying the other: The classification of Semitic loanwords in the Egyptian script.”  Sponsored by ISF (Israel Science Foundation), PI Prof. Orly Goldwasser. http://www.iclassifier.pw/
  • Grantee of the ‘Project for the Development of Bohairic Dialect,’ at Polis institute, Jerusalem. Teaching Coptic and creating a course book for "Speaking Bohairic Coptic as a Living Language." http://www.polisjerusalem.org
  • Editor of https://openscholar.huji.ac.il/polotskynow