Prof. Erella Hovers

Erella Hovers
Room 502. Office Hours: Sunday 11:00-12:00

Research Interests: Plio-Pleistocene archaeology in East Africa, The Middle Paleolithic of the Levant, The evolution of symbolism and art, Lithic technology, Subsistence and mobility (land-use strategies) of early hominins, Taphonomy and site formation processes, Archaeological theory.


Recent Teaching:

  • Introduction to Prehistoric Archaeology
  • Lithics
  • Levantine Prehistory
  • Meat Acquisition and Eating in Prehistory
  • Hunter-Gatherers Decision-making Processes
  • The Quaternary of Israel – The Lower and Middle Paleolithic Periods
  • Hunter-Gatherer Territoriality
  • Gender in Prehistory
  • Site Formation Processes
  • Inventions and Innovations – The Appearance and Spread of Technological Ideas
  • Prehistoric Migrations and Dispersals
  • Scientific Writing
  • The Prehistoric Colonization of Australia and America
  • Center and Periphery – The Middle Paleolithic Period in Europe


Ongoing Projects:

  • Man and Environment in Nahal Amud in the Upper Pleistocene
  • Excavations in the Early Stone Age site of Melka Wakena, south central Ethiopia (with T. Gossa Aredo,  A. Asrat, P. Renne, Elizabeth Niespolo, B. Martinez-Navarro)
  • Excavation and publication of the Middle Stone Age site of Goda Buticha, southeast Ethiopia (with D. Pleurdeau, A. Leplongeon, C. Tribal, O. Pearson, Z. Assefa, A. Asrat)
  • The Neandertal site of Amud Cave, Israel : excavations (1991-1994) and publication of interdisciplinary research results (with Y. Rak, W. Kimbel, R. Rabinovich, P. Goldberg, Y. Goren, M. Madella and others).
  • Late Pliocene archaeology in Hadar, Northern Ethiopia: excavations (1994, 2000-2002) and publication of interdisciplinary research results (with C. Feibel, B. Martinze-Navarro, T. Goldman, C. Campisano, W. Kimbel and others).
  • Excavations in the Middle Paleolithic open-air site of 'Ein Qashish’

Graduate Students:

MA students:

PhD Students: