Dr. Eduardo Paixão

Eduardo Paixão
Post-doctoral fellow, Fritz Thyssen Foundation


Dr. Edurado Paixão
Post-doctoral fellow, Fritz Thyssen Foundation 

I’m a researcher exploring stone tool use in prehistoric contexts, using a multi-scale analytical approach and combining qualitative and quantitative data. During the last years I have been involved in various research projects in the Levant, Europe, and more recently in Africa. Part of my research is dedicated to the development of new methods of analyses and to the design of mechanical experiments with automated systems.

Some recent publication:

Paixão, E., Marreiros, J., Dubreuil, L., Gneisinger, W., Carver, G., Prévost, M., Zaidner, Y., 2021. The Middle Paleolithic ground stones tools of Nesher Ramla unit V (Southern Levant): A multi-scale use-wear approach for assessing the assemblage functional variability. Quaternary International.

Paixão, E., Pedergnana, A., Marreiros, J., Dubreuil, L., Prévost, M., Zaidner, Y., Carver, G., Gneisinger, W., 2021. Using mechanical experiments to study ground stone tool use: Exploring the formation of percussive and grinding wear traces on limestone tools. Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports. 37, 102971.

Paixão, E., Marreiros, J., Pereira, T., Gibaja, J., Cascalheira, J., Bicho, N., 2019. Technology, use-wear and raw material sourcing analysis of a c. 7500 cal BP lithic assemblage from Cabeço da Amoreira shellmidden (Muge, Portugal). Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences. 11, 433–453.