Dr. Ariel (Arik) Malinsky-Buller


Recent Teaching:

  • The Paleolithic record of Europe– core or periphery
  • Introduction to geomorphology for archeologist (with Dr. Theodoros Karambaglidis)
  • Site Formation Processes 

Ongoing Projects:

  • Excavations of the Middle Paleolithic cave-site of 'Shovakh (with Erella Hovers, Ravid Ekshtain)
  • Excavations of the Middle Paleolithic open-air site of 'Ein Qashish’ (with Erella Hovers, Ravid Ekshtain, and Omry Barzilai)


Publication List:

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Graduate Students:

MA students:

  • Dominik Rogall (ongoing)


Dr. Theodoros Karambaglidis