Anaëlle Jallon

Anaëlle Jallon

Ph.D. thesis topic: Two caves, so close but different – comparison of the faunal assemblages of Amud and Kebara caves

Advisors: Prof. Rivka Rabinovich and Prof. Erella Hovers

Abstract: This study aims to investigate the emergence of cultural differences among Middle Paleolithic human groups as reflected in the behaviors and technologies related to the procurement and treatment of animal resources. In order to differentiate the role of optimization vs. cultural decisions in the subsistence practices, we intend to compare two contemporaneous Middle Paleolithic Neanderthal occupations at Amud cave and Kebara cave (ca. 70-50,000 years ago). These two sites were occupied by Neanderthals and share similarities in terms of archaeological context, climatic and environmental conditions, intensity of the occupations. Therefore a comparison of the archaeo-faunal assemblages will enable me to focus on specific relevant questions. My research will use conventional methods of archaeozoology (such skeletal part determination, species identifications and assessments about age and sex using comparative anatomy, quantitative analysis and macroscopic observations) as well as innovative methos that will allow me to focus on specific aspects that are relevant to the broad research question.


Pleistocene fauna

Vertebrates anatomy and evolution

Computational sciences and statistics applied to archaeology