Meeting with the members from the Prehistoric and Anthropologic Science section of Human Studies Department, Ferrara University

Tue, 21/01/202016:30
Room 300
Prof. Federica Fontana, Dr. Maria Giovanna Cremona, Dr. Davide Visentin, Prof. Ursula Thun Hohenstein

Prof. Federica Fontana and Dr. Maria Giovanna Cremona:

The first Alpine settlers after the LGM through the evidence from three key-sites of north-eastern Italy: Riparo Tagliente, Casera Staulanza and Mondeval de Sora  

Dr. Davide Visentin

Early Mesolithic settlement systems and site functional variability in Southern France and Northern Italy

Prof. Ursula Thun Hohenstein

Large mammal exploitation in the Middle Pleistocene: the case of Isernia La Pineta