B.A. Degree

The B.A. degree is awarded after three years of studies. Topics of teaching are organized into three sections (prehistoric archaeology, biblical archaeology, and classical archaeology). During the first year the students are required to attend and be examined in introductory courses relating to all the main archaeological periods studied in the department.  All students continue to study biblical archaeology in the second and third years of B.A. studies, in combination with either prehistoric or classical archaeology to ensure chronological/historical continuity.  Hence the possible combinations are prehistoric with biblical archaeology, OR biblical with classical archaeology, OR biblical archaeology with a combination of classical archaeology and medieval Islamic archaeology.

In addition to class work, B.A. studies include field trips and practical studies.  The latter consist of a study excavation at the end of the first year, as well as hands-on laboratory courses, such as the study of lithics, pottery, and the human skeleton.  

When students choose to study archaeology in combination with another topic, it is recommended that the minor be in one of the following departments: Biblical Studies, Hebrew Language, History of Israel (First or Second Temple Period), Geography, Classical Studies, Art History (with an emphasis on ancient art), Ancient Near East Studies, Anthropology, Life Sciences (zoology, biology).

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Additional requirements (obligatory): French or German (beginners’ level).

Advisor to BA Students:
Dr. Uri Gabbay