Academic Programs

The Institute of Archaeology awards B.A., M.A. and Ph.D. degrees.  Students who received their degrees in other departments of the Hebrew University or in other institutions are gladly accepted for advanced studies in the Institute.  The academic secretariat, in collaboration with the Institute's faculty, is responsible for advising students about the various programs and academic requirements.


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B.A. Degree

The B.A. degree is awarded after three years of studies. Topics of teaching are organized into three sections (prehistoric archaeology, biblical archaeology, and classical archaeology). During the first year the students are required to attend and be examined in introductory courses relating to all the main archaeological periods studied in the department.  All students continue to study biblical archaeology in the second and third years of B.A. studies, in combination with either prehistoric or classical archaeology to ensure chronological/historical continuity.  Hence the possible combinations are prehistoric with biblical archaeology, OR biblical with classical archaeology, OR biblical archaeology with a combination of classical archaeology and medieval Islamic archaeology.

In addition to class work, B.A. studies include field trips and practical studies.  The latter consist of a study excavation at the end of the first year, as well as hands-on laboratory courses, such as the study of lithics, pottery, and the human skeleton.  

When students choose to study archaeology in combination with another topic, it is recommended that the minor be in one of the following departments: Biblical Studies, Hebrew Language, History of Israel (First or Second Temple Period), Geography, Classical Studies, Art History (with an emphasis on ancient art), Ancient Near East Studies, Anthropology, Life Sciences (zoology, biology).

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Additional requirements (obligatory): French or German (beginners’ level).

Advisor to BA Students:
Dr. Uri Gabbay


M.A. Degree


The M.A. program in archaeology aims to provide students with intellectual tools for functioning as independent researchers in a wide range of archaeological activities such as field work (excavations and surveys) and analysis of various types of finds.  Since archaeological excavations constitute an unrepeatable and irreversible process, training as active archaeologists requires a high degree of professionalism and specialization.

An M.A. degree can be obtained through studies in either the research-oriented program  or the non-research program.  In both programs students can specialize in one or in two sections of the Institute of Archaeology (for example, prehistoric archaeology only, or prehistoric and biblical archaeology).  Students are required to take a certain proportion of courses from departments and disciplines outside the Institute of Archaeology (selected in consultation with their advisors), which must be relevant to the topics of study for the M.A. degree in archaeology.

M.A. in Archaeology in the Land of the Bible for International Students

The Hebrew University’s Institute of Archaeology in conjunction with the Rothberg International School now offers a degree combining formal classroom studies and hands-on field experience at excavations and surveys. The M.A. in Archaeology in the Land of the Bible examines the history and culture of ancient Israel during the Bronze and Iron Ages. Students will acquire proficiency in the academic fields of archaeology, ancient texts, and ancient languages.

In the classroom, you will study with top scholars at the Hebrew University. In the field, you will complement your studies as a participant in major excavations and surveys where you will gain hands-on experience. In your scholarly analysis, you will be aided by the cutting-edge facilities of the Institute of Archaeology, including the Computerized Archaeological Laboratory (with 3D scanning), the Laboratory for Archaeological Materials and Ancient Technologies, and the Institute’s renowned Collection Room.

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Ph.D. Degree

The Ph.D. degree is awarded by the Hebrew University. Students of the Institute conduct their doctoral research under the supervision of Institute faculty members, sometimes in collaboration with experts from other departments or other academic institutions (in Israel and abroad).

Ph.D. research at the Institute can be conducted in all archaeological periods and on a variety of topics, including combinations with related disciplines. The scope of Ph.D. topics and research possibilities is enriched by the diversified research projects conducted by the Institute’s faculty members.

Students wishing to study for a Ph.D. in the Institute need to fulfill certain academic requirements. To be admitted into the program, the student must nominate a faculty member who is willing to supervise his studies.