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The Institute publishes the Qedem Series (edited by Sue Grodetsky until 2013 and by Nava Panitz-Cohen from 2014).  

These monographs are the main venue of publication for reports on the Institute’s excavations and their finds.

The volumes are is published in English and appears in two formats: Qedem and Qedem Reports.

Studies conducted by the Institute’s members and advanced students are published in books and peer-reviewed international journals.

To order the Qedem and Qedem Report volumes, please contact: 

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Orit Peleg-Barkat. 2017. “QEDEM 57.” Edited by EILAT MAZAR.


This is the fifth volume devoted to the final reports of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem excavations at the foot of the Temple Mount, to the south and southwest, which were directed by Prof. Benjamin Mazar (1968-1978) and are published in the Qedem Monograph series of the Institute of Archaeology. These excavations were of the largest scale conducted in Israel and are of tremendous importance, owing to both their scope and location. The present volume publishes a rich corpus of 500 architectural decorative fragments from the Second Temple period found in the excavations. The stylistic, technological and historical study of these fragments clarifies issues concerning the architecture, decoration and date of some of the structures built in the southern part of the enclosure, mainly the Royal Portico, one of most elaborate buildings in Judea of this period, and the Double Gate vestibule.
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