Talia Yashuv

Talia Yashuv

M.A. Thesis topic: Perforated items and perforating tools – reconstructing Late Natufian crafts at Nahal Ein-Gev II

Advisor: Prof. Leore Grosman


At the late Natufian site of Nahal Ein-Gev II, flint perforators are highly abundant. Alongside them, several groups of perforated items are evident as being crafted on site. Among them drilled shell disc beads are known in the Natufian ornamentation tradition. A group of perforated stones, however, does not appear in a Natufian context, and their function is not clear. The current study focuses on the stone items, on describing their morphology, analysing the early drilling technology, and illuminating functional aspects.

Research methodology uses 3-D scans that extract high-resolution geometrical data, and processing it with analytical tools developed at the Computerized Archaeological Laboratory (Hebrew University). Together, practical experimentation is designed to answer technological questions, and the experimental items are scanned for comparison. Consequently, it is possible to approach the technology of early hole-making, quantify the variation between different drilled holes, compare between perforating tools and perforated items, and identify details regarding the perforated stones use-wear and function. More generally, this study is an attempt to reconstruct a variety of crafts held at the Natufian village, and to shed light upon new daily life aspects of a complex culture in the transition to agriculture.

Research interest

  • The transition to agriculture
  • The Natufian and Early Neolithic cultures
  • Ground stone tools
  • Evolution of drilling technology and crafts
  • 3D analysis of archaeological artefacts

Current projects

  • The Computational Archaeological Laboratory - research staff since 2016
  • Nahal Ein-Gev II excavation project – excavating from 2013, staff from 2017
  • Motsa PPNB excavations – Israel Antiquities Authority, since 2018