Dr. Smadar Gabrieli

Smadar Gabrieli
Golda Meir post-doctoral Fellow (2009/10)
Orzan Foundation Fellow (2010/11)

Topic of research: Daily Life in the Holy Land: Hand-Made Pottery of the 12-16th Centuries.

Current projects

  • Daily Life in the Holy Land: hand-made pottery of the 12th-16th centuries. The aim of the project is to establish a chronological typology for the hand-made pottery of the Crusader and Mamluk periods, to identify systems of production and exchange, and to use the results to examine relations between the communities in the area of the Crusader principalities.
  • Excavation of the Cistercian convent of St Theodore, Nicosia. Responsible for publication of the ceramics. In addition to the study of the material culture of daily life in the convent, the research extends to an investigation of production centres and distribution networks within Cyprus.
  • Paphos Theatre Excavation, Cyprus (University of Sydney). Co-director. Coordinator of the publication of the final report. Responsible for publication of the cooking wares of the Hellenistic, Roman, Medieval and Ottoman periods.
  • Kourion City Gate Excavation, Cyprus (Brock University, Canada). Responsible for publication of Early Roman cooking wares.
  • Excavation of Ayioi Pente Basilica, Yeroskipou, Cyprus (University of Cyprus). Responsible for publication of the Late Roman cooking wares.

Previous projects since 2000

  • Troodos Archaeological and Environmental Survey Project, Cyprus (University of Glasgow). Responsible for publication of the Medieval and Ottoman coarse wares.
  • University of Texas at Austin, excavation and survey project at the area of the Greek Colony of Metaponto, Magna Graecia.


  • Objects conservator, trained in the Israel Museum as archaeological conservator, later when moved to Australia, ethnography and modern art.
  • Worked for various museums and private collections in Israel and Australia including:
  • The Israel Museum, Jerusalem; Art Gallery of Western Australia; Berndt Museum of Anthropology, Western Australia.