Ortal Harush

Ortal Harush

Ph.D. dissertation topic: Standardization and Technology of Ceramic Industry – Experimental, Ethnographical and Archaeological Analysis of Storage Jars as a Case Study

Advisors: Prof. Leore Grosman and Prof. Ilan Sharon (Institute of Archaeology). 

Research Interests:

  • The Iron Age in the Levant
  • Technology and typology of ancient pottery
  • The relationship between archaeology and the biblical text
  • Computerized application as a tool for ceramic classification and visualization
  • Experimental Archaeology as a tool aiding ceramic analysis
  • Personal style - theory and practice in anthropology and archaeology


  • Masada Textiles Project 2007-2008
  • Tel Hazor - staff member at excavation seasons 2008-2010.
  • Tel Rehov - staff member at excavation season 2010 and participant in publication staff since 2010.
  • The Computational Archaeology laboratory - Project management and research staff since 2010.
  • Tel Avel Beth Maacah - Area Supervisor (Area F) since 2014

List of Publications:

  • Harush, O. 2012. Decorated Bone, Ivory, Stone and Shell. In: Hazor VI (ed: Ben-Tor A., et al.). Jerusalem.
  • Grosman, L., Karasik, A., Harush, O., and Smilansky, U. 2014. Archaeology in Three Dimensions: Computer Based Methods in Archaeological Research. In: Journal of Eastern Mediterranean Archaeology and Heritage Studies.
  • Harush, O., Karasik, A., and Smilansky, U. 2018. In Press. An estimate of the handbreadth measure (The Biblical Tefach) deduced from the morphological study of Iron Age storage jars
  • Harush, O., N. Glauber, A. Zoran, and L. Grosman. 2019. On Quantifying and Visualizing the Potter’s Personal Style. Journal of Archaeological Science 108:104973.
  • Harush, O., T. Yashuv, L. Dubinsky, F. Valleta, and L. Grosman. In Press. Quantitative methods for the study of ancient technologies In Digital Archaeology: New research and advanced technologies, edited by M. Birkenfeld and Y. Garfinkel. The Hebrew University and Israel Antiquity Authority, Jerusalem. (In Hebrew). (10p).
    • M.A. thesis topic: Regional, Chronological, Typological and Technological Aspects of 'Hippo' Jars from North Israel in the Iron Age IIa; Advisors: Prof. Amihai Mazar (Institute of Archaeology), Prof. Uzy Smilansky (Weizmann Institute of Science).