Meidad Shor

meidad shor

PhD. dissertation topic: Construction Methods and Building Materials in Building Projects of King Herod
Advisor: Dr. Orit Peleg-Barkat and Dr. Yotam Asher (IAA)

Abstract: The construction projects of King Herod are well known for their use of building materials and building techniques that have never been used before in Judea. However, the building materials and techniques have not been methodically and analytically examined so far. The present research is designed to cover this gap and focuses on documenting and analyzing the variety of building materials and methods used by King Herod's architects, with an emphasis on mortar, concrete , and plaster. Samples from various buildings and sites will be examined using various scientific methods from the world of microscopy, chemistry and mineralogy. The aim is to trace the innovations that have been integrated in the local architecture and to understand the dynamics between the external influence of the Roman world and the continuity of local traditions. The case studies will focus on the key sites of Herodion, Jericho, Banias, Jerusalem and Caesarea.