Guilia Roccabella


Ph.D. Dissertation Topic: Early Ottoman Galilee: Regional and Inter-Regional Networks through Ceramic Evidence. An Analytic Study of Pottery Production, Distribution and Consumption Patterns within the Liwā of Ṣafed between the 16th and the 17th centuries. 

Advisor: Dr. Katia Cytryn-Silverman.

Abstract: In the aftermath of the Ottoman conquest, wilāyat -Šarīf - sub-province of Damascus- experienced a cultural shifting encompassing economic and social growth. Historical sources testify that urban and rural settlements flourished around the province, while economic and cultural connections were held on different scales. Liwā Ṣafed, Safed district, represents the perfect case study for an in-depth archaeological investigation of the Early Ottoman renaissance in the region for several reasons: a) it held a prominent economic and cultural role within the region; b) it was setting of numerous archaeological investigations; 3) the retrieved pottery assemblages are large, variegated and from stratigraphic contexts, enhancing quality and purposes of the studies. This material must be approached through a multidisciplinary methodology involving visual analysis, petrography, quantitive analysis, GIS/A mapping and ultimately comparative discussions, in order to obtain a strong chrono-typology and better understand production, distribution and consumption patterns, their extents and the socio-economic implications.   

Research Interests:

  • Material culture of the Islamic periods
  • Ottoman pottery – chrono-typology, production, distribution and consumption
  • Pottery database
  • GIS and GIA
  • Economic and social history of the Late Islamic periods
  • Historical sources in the archaeological research


  • National Treasures, Israel Antiquities Authority - Curator of the archaeology collection of Islamic and Crusader periods (2015-currently)
  • Mamluk-Early Ottoman pottery from Kafr Kanna. In progress
  • Mamluk and Ottoman pottery from Mughrabim, Jerusaelm. In Progress
  • Mamluk and Ottoman pottery from Ohel Yitzchak, Jerusalem. In Progress
  • Crusader, Mamluk and Ottoman Pottery from excavations in Safed. In Progress
  • Islamic pottery from Bethlehem of Galilee. In progress
  • The Ancient Jerusalem Sifting Project - Publication staff member, expert for the Crusader and Late Islamic periods pottery (2014-2015)
  • Qara Qorum Archaeological Excavations - Field archaeologist and ceramic found illustrator (August 2014)
  • Tiberias Archaeological Excavations - Field archaeologist (July 2012 and February 2013)
  • Giv’ati Parking Lot Archaeological Excavation, Area M4 and M5 - Field archaeologist and staff member participant in publication for area M4 and M5 (2012-2014)