Giulia Roccabella


Ph.D. Dissertation Topic: Early Ottoman Jerusalem and the Inter-Regional Networks as Evinced through the Ceramic Evidence. An Analytic Study of the Pottery Production and Distribution within the Sancak of Jerusalem between1516 and1700.

Advisors: Prof. Ilan Sharon; Dr. Katia Cytryn-Silverman.

Research Interests:

  1. Ottoman ceramic material. European and Asian imports, and local production: a petrographic recognition and data base.
  2. Micro-typology through 3D scanner.
  3. Sijillis: historical sources from the Ottoman administration.
  4. Ottoman social and economic history.

Ongoing Projects:

  1. Publication of pottery from Bethlehem of Galilee in the Institute's Collection.
  2. Publication of medieval and post-medieval Pottery from Tyropoeon Valley (Giv?ati Parking Lot), area M4 and M5.
  3. Publication of medieval and post-medieval pottery from the Temple Mount.
  4. Publication of the revised M.A. thesis "Considerations on the Pavilion in Bil?d al-Sh?m".