Amit Reem


PhD Thesis Topic:  Frankish burial customs in the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem

Supervisors: Prof. Zeev Wiess, Prof. Adrian Boas

Abstract: The research reevaluates burial sites within the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem and explores topics including: causes of death, pre-burial treatment and customs (deathbed, preparation for burial, funeral procession and mourning customs), the burial itself (location of graves, typology, body layout, singular/multiple burials, content of the grave), burial inscriptions and tombstones (art, symbolism).  All of this will be examined under the overarching Catholic Christian doctrine, which has already codified certain practices. The Archaeological data include new data from Jerusalem, Caesarea and other sites.    

In light of methodological difficulties, the research attempts to relate to broader research questions concerning social identity, gender and origin; chronological differences between the 12th and 13th centuries; burial in churches versa burial in urban cemeteries; differences between city and village burials; possible sources of influence on the burial customs, etc.

Research Interest:

  • Jerusalem
  • Crusaders
  • Pilgrims and pilgrimage
  • Christianity
  • Romanesque and Gothic Architecture