Adi Fenster

adi fenster

Topic of research (m.a.): Provenance of mosaic tessera from the Classical periods in Israel

Advisors: Prof. Zeev Weiss, Prof. Naomi Porat (Geological Survey of Israel)

Research Summery:

Much has been written about mosaics from an artistic and iconographic point of view. I would like to look at mosaics from a geological point of view: from finding out what kind of stone was used, I shall try to understand where the stone was brought from, and learn through that how much effort and money was put into the building. In my research I will compare the tessera from various mosaics whether synagogue floors, church floors or other buildings from the Roman and Byzantine periods.   

Areas of interest:

  • Geoarchaeology- archaeological research using geological tools.
  • The classical periods


  • Research on the provenance of mosaic tesssera
  • Taking part in a paleomagnetic research project, headed by Dr. Ron Shaar- reconstructing earth's magnetic field in the past, based on archaeological material which has been heated.
  • Sepphoris excavation team