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Dr. Yossi Zaidner

List of Publications:

Books and edited volumes

  1. Zaidner Y. accepted for publication. Lithic production strategies at the Early Pleistocene site of Bizat Ruhama, Israel. BAR International Series.
  2. Sharon G., Zaidner Y. and Hovers E. in prep. Opportunities, problems and future directions in the study of open-air Middle Palaeolithic sites. Quaternary International, special issue.

Referred articles

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  15. Yaroshevich A., Zaidner Y. and Weinstein-Evron M. in press. Evidence of hunting weapon variability in the Early Middle Paleolithic of the Levant. A view from Misliya Cave, Mount Carmel. In R. Iovita and K. Sano (eds.), Multidisciplinary Approaches to the Study of Stone Age Weaponry. Vertebrate Paleobiology and Paleoanthropology Book Series, Springer, Dodrecht.
  16. Friesem D., Zaidner Y., Shahack-Gross R. in press. Formation Processes and Combustion Features at the Lower Layers of the Middle Palaeolithic Open-air Site of Nesher Ramla, Israel. Quaternary International,
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  20. Tsatskin A. and Zaidner Y. in press. Later phases of the Mousterian occupation at Nesher Ramla, Israel: complexity of a depositional record. Quaternary International.


  1. Zaidner Y. and Weinstein-Evron M. Making a point: The early Mousterian tool-kit at Misliya Cave, Israel. Submitted to Before Farming.

Chapters in books and conference proceedings (non-referred)

  1. Zaidner Y. 2002. Double-notched pebbles from Ohalo II: the earliest evidence for the use of net sinkers in the Levant. In D. Nadel (ed.), Ohalo II – A 23,000 Fishers-Hunters- Getters Camp in the Sea of Galilee. Museum Hecht, Haifa University, pp. 49-52.
  2. Zaidner Y. 2003. The use of raw material at the Lower Palaeolithic site Bizat Ruhama, Israel. In: J.M. Burdukiewicz and A. Ronen (eds.), Lower Palaeolithic small tools in Europe and the Levant, British Archaeological Reports, S1115, Oxford, pp. 121-132.
  3. Bar-Oz G., Weinstein-Evron M., Livne P. and Zaidner Y. 2004. Fragments of information: preliminary taphonomic results from excavations at the breccia layers of Misliya Cave, Mount Carmel, Israel. In T. O. Connor (ed.), Biosphere to Lithosphere: New Studies in Vertebrate Taphonomy. Oxbow Press, pp. 126-134.
  4. Zaidner Y, Dotan D. and Weinstein-Evron M. 2006. Acheulo-Yabrudian handaxes from Misliya Cave, Mount Carmel, Israel. In N. Goren-Inbar and G. Sharon (eds.), Axe Age: Acheulian Tool-making from Quarry to Discard. Equinox, London, pp. 243-266.

Other publications

  1. Zaidner Y. 2008. Review on: Sharon G., Acheulian Large Flake Industries: Technology, Chronology and Significance. Journal of the Israel Prehistoric Society 38: 277-280. (book review).
  2. Weinstein-Evron M., Zaidner Y. , Tsatskin A., Shahack-Gross R., Weiner S., Frumkin A.,Yeshurun R., Bar-Oz G., Lev-Yadun S., Valladas H., Mercier N., Hershkovitz I., 2010. The Early Middle Paleolithic of Misliya Cave, Mount Carmel, Israel. PaleoAnthropology 2010 (abstract, available at
  3. Zaidner Y. Cores-on-Flakes and Worked Flakes in an Early Pleistocene Context: New Evidence from the Oldowan-like Site of Bizat Ruhama, Israel. PaleoAnthropology 2012 (abstract, available at

In preparation

  1. Bar-Yosef Mayer D., Zaidner Y., Yeshurun R., Weinstein-Evron M. Aquatic resources exploitation in the Middle Pleistocene of Misliya Cave, Mount Carmel, Israel: modern human behavior revisited.
  2. Hershkovitz I., Zaidner Y. and Weinstein-Evron M. Early Middle Paleolithic Human Remains from Misliya Cave (Israel) and the quest for early anatomical modern humans.
  3. Zaidner Y. and Grosman L. Side-scrapers' recycling in the Levantine Middle Paleolithic: a view from Nesher Ramla, Israel.
  4. Zaidner Y. An experimental approach to study of the Early Pleistocene core reduction technology: a view from Bizat Ruhama, Israel.
  5. Zaidner Y. Acheulian chaînes opératoires at Nahal Hesi, Israel.