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Yonatan Adler


Published Studies

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Forthcoming Publications

  1. Forthcoming (2014). “Ancient Miqwa’ot: Archaeology, Early Halakhah, and What’s in Between” (review of Ronny Reich, Miqwa’ot [Jewish Ritual Baths] in the Second Temple, Mishnaic and Talmudic Periods), Cathedra 154 [Hebrew]).

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  3. Forthcoming. Amit, David and Adler, Yonatan. “The Stone Vessels.” In The Port Town of Ancient Jaffa during the Persian-Byzantine Periods: The Jacob Kaplan Excavations at Jaffa, edited by Orit Tsuf. Israel Antiquities Authority Reports. Jerusalem: Israel Antiquities Authority.

  4. Forthcoming. “The Miqwa’ot”. In Excavations at the Site of the Jerusalem International Convention Center (Binyanã Ha-’Uma–Crowne Plaza Hotel) 2009-2010: Pottery Workshops from the Second Century BCE to the Second Century CE near Jerusalem, Volume I, edited by Ron Beeri and Danit Levi. Israel Antiquities Authority Reports. Jerusalem: Israel Antiquities Authority.

  5. Forthcoming. “The Distribution of Tefillin Finds among the Judean Desert Caves,” in The History of the Caves of Qumran (ed. Marcello Fidanzio; Studies on the Texts of the Desert of Judah; Leiden: Brill).

  6. Forthcoming. “Chalk Vessels from the City-Dump of Early Roman Jerusalem (City of David, Area D3)”.

  7. Forthcoming. Gadot, Yuval and Adler, Yonatan, “A Quantitative Analysis of Jewish Chalk Vessel Frequencies in Early Roman Jerusalem: A View from the City’s Garbage Dump”.

  8. Forthcoming. “Jerusalem as the Focal Point of Ritual Purity Observance in the Late Second Temple Period: A Reappraisal in View of Recent Archaeological Research”.


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