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Ravid Ekshtain

Curriculum Vitae

Cell:+972-54-6609347 Home Address:

Kibutz Gvat, Israel

Married + 2
Date of birth: January 15 1976, Israel


PhD (2007-present) Institute of Archaeology, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel.
Advisors: Prof. Erella hovers (Hebrew University) and Dr. Shimon Ilani Geological Survey of Israel).
Dissertation: "Reconstructing Middle Paleolithic Mobility in the Levant: a Raw Material Perspective".
M.A. (2002-2006) Institute of Archaeology, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel.
With excellence. Advisors: Prof. Erella hovers (Hebrew University).
Thesis: "A Comparative study of knapping accidents in the Levantine Mousterian“, in the field of Prehistory. Completed with distinction
B.A. (2002) Institute of Archaeology and General Studies, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel. With excellence.

Work experience

2009-2010 2013 Co-leader of excavations at Ein Qashish, Israel.
Analysis of Ein Qashish assemblage.
2007 Excavations in Hadar, Ethiopia with Prof. E. Hovers.
2003-2006 Analysis of Amud lithic assemblages, Amud project, the Institute of
Archaeology - research assistant.
Revadim Excavation – (Lower Paleolithic) Area supervisor (director Dr. Ofer Marder).
Excavation in Metzad Ateret (Crusader) (director Mrs. H. Motro);
2002-2006 Miseliya Cave (Middle Paleolithic) (director Prof .M. Weinstein-Evron); Ein Qashish (Middle Paleolithic) (director Prof. E. Hovers); Nahal Lavan 1006 (PPNB) (director Dr. O. Barzilay); Tel Dor (Airon period) (director Prof. I.Sharon); Hilazon Tachtit Cave (Natufuan) (director Dr. L. Grosman).

Teaching experience

2009-2012 Teaching assistant, Prehistoric Archaeology, Institute of Archaeology.
2007 - Hadar Field School (Ethiopia) - Archaeology field work and guiding graduate students from Arizona State University.
1994-1997 Eilat Field School – 3 year of teaching, guiding and lecturing in the Negev desert, in the range of ages from kindergarten to senior citizens. The work included daily hikes and several day treks; Administrator – responsibility for high school in the field; Biotop guide – in the subject of the Red sea coral reef; Taught subjects include: Archaeology, Geology, Biology, Ecology, the Read Sea and its Fauna.
2001-2002 Eilat Field School, the Society of Natural Preservation - senior tracking guide.
1997-1999, 2002,
2006, 2007-8
Keren Karev - The Karev Program for Educational Involvement, teaching children in the age of 7-10 and kindergarten in Archaeology Program.

Awards and scholarships

2009-2013 The Rotenstreich Fellowship for Outstanding Doctoral Students in the Humanities for 3 Years.
2007 Research grant, Ruth Amiran Fund for Archaeological Research
2007 Honors program, The Hebrew University - for 4 years
2006 Shay Moshe Prize - Award of excellence
2005 Tamar Noy Prize - Award of excellence
2004 Institute of Archaeology scholarship
2003 Institute of Archaeology scholarship
2002 Institute of Archaeology scholarship
2000 Institute of Archaeology Karaso scholarship
1999 Dean award of excellence, The Hebrew University
1998 Dean award of excellence, The Hebrew University

Research grants

  • The Ruth Amiran Fund for Archaeological Research in Eretz-Israel, "Raw material acquisition pattern and mobility pattern around Amud cave" Submitted with Prof. Erella Hovers, 2009, $5000
  • The Ruth Amiran Fund for Archaeological Research in Eretz-Israel. "Lithic raw materials in the Levantine Middle Paleolithic of Northern Israel: Implications for mobility and settlement patterns". Submitted with Prof Erella Hovers and Dr Shimon Ilani. 2007, $2,632.
  • CARE Foundation, “Test excavations at the open-air Middle Paleolithic site of 'Ein Qashish, northern Israel”, with Prof Erella Hovers, $3000.
  • CARE Excavations at the open-air Middle Paleolithic site of 'Ein Qashish, northern Israel", with Erella Hovers 2009; $6000


Technological and typological analysis – measuring, attribute analysis of technological, typological and stylistically attribute of lithic material.
Total station field recording data.
Practical use of the computer programs:
Graphic - AutoCAD, Adobe: Photoshop, Illustrator
Mapping - ArcGIS, Surfer, AutoCAD
Statistics - SPSS, Statview, GMP


  • Hebrew - Mother tongue
  • English - High level
  • French - Medium level