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Dr. Oren Gutfeld

List of Publications:

2003 O. Gutfeld, “The Stepped Tunnel Riddle at Hyrcania in the Judean Desert”, Qadmoniot 125, pp. 43-46 (Hebrew).
2003 O. Gutfeld, “Concordance of Finds in Areas A, W and X-2”, in: H. Geva, Jewish Quarter Excavations in the Old City of Jerusalem Conducted by Nahman Avigad, 1969-1982, Vol. II: The Finds from Areas A, W and X-2, Final Report, Jerusalem, pp. 553-568.
2000 Y. Hirschfeld and O. Gutfeld, “Tiberias”, ESI 112, pp. 15-16.
1999 O. Gutfeld, “Ramla: Excavations to the North of the White Mosque”, in: S. Gibson and F. Vitto (eds.), Ramla, Israel Antiquities Authority, Jerusalem, pp. 34–37.
1999 O. Gutfeld, “Ramla”, ESI 109, pp.65-68.
1999 O. Gutfeld, “Tel Qatra (Southwest)”, ESI 110, p. 65 (Hebrew).
1999 Y. Hirschfeld and O. Gutfeld, “Discovery of a Bronze Hoard of the Fatimid Period in Tiberias”, Qadmoniot 118, pp. 102–107 (Hebrew).