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Visiting Scholars

The Institute of Archaeology enjoys the academic and intellectual input of visiting scholars in the various departments.  Visiting scholars are sponsored by granting agencies and/or external academic institutions. There are different levels of grants for visiting scholars: Ph.D. candidates, post-doctoral researchers and senior researchers.  Periods of stay can be short (several weeks) or prolonged (up to a year). Extensions of the period of visits are sometimes granted.

During their stay at the Institute visiting scholars have access to the Institute’s library, slide collection and the archaeological collections that are of interest for their work.

Current visiting scholars:

Previous visiting scholars:

  • Dr. David Pleaurdeau, Lady Davis Visiting Professor.
  • Dr. Alice Leplongeon, Fyssen Foundation Post-dcotroal Fellow (2013-2014)
  • Dr. Enora Gandon - Fyssen Foundation Post-Doctoral Fellow (2011-2013)
  • Dr. Yossi Zaidner - Lady Davis post-doctoral fellow (2012-2013).
  • Dr. Smadar Gabrieli - Golda Meir post-doctoral Fellow (2009/10); Orzan Foundation Fellow (2010/11)
  • Dr. Oren Gutfeld - Lady Davis Post-Doctoral Fellow
  • Dr. Tal Simmons (University of Central Lancashire, UK) - Lady Davis Fellow
  • Dr. Alexandra Sumner - Halbert Post-Doctoral Fellow (2008-9)
  • Dr. Uzi Liebner - Post-doctoral fellow funded by The Raymond and Jeanine Bollay Scholarship Fund (2007)
  • Dr. Nathan Schlanger - Lady Davis Visiting Professor (2007)
  • Dr. David Tomo Sugimoto, Keio Universtiy, Tokyo (2006-7)
  • Dr. Ruth Shahack-Gross - Post-doctoral research with Dr. Erella Hovers, funded by the Fritz Thyssen Foundation (2005-6)
  • Dr. Lisa Maher - Halbert post-doctoral fellow (2003-4)
  • Dr. Shoh Yamada - Lady Davis Post-Doctoral Fellow (2002-3)
  • Dr. Alicia Hawkins - Halbert Post-Doctoral Fellow (2000-1)