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Visiting Scholars

Dr. Eilat Mazar


Ph.D. 1997, Hebrew University

Research Interests:

  • Archaeology of Jerusalem
  • Phoenician archaeology

Ongoing Projects:

  • Publication of the Temple Mount excavations (1968-1978) of Prof. Benjamin Mazar
  • Excavations at Achziv and publication of the last twenty years of research and excavations at the site
  • Excavations at the City of David

Selected Publications:

E. Mazar & B. Mazar 1989. Excavations in the South of the Temple Mount . The Ophel of Biblical Jerusalem (Qedem 29). Jerusalem .

E. Mazar 2002. The Complete Guide to the Temple Mount Excavations. Jerusalem .

E. Mazar 2003. The Phoenicians in Achziv, The Southern Cemetery. Jerome L. Joss Expedition. Final Report of Excavations 1988-1990 (Cuadernos de Arquelogia Mediterranea 7). Barcelona .

E. Mazar 2003. Final Report, The Temple Mount Excavations in Jerusalem , 1968-1978, Directed by Benjamin Mazar, Vol. I.: The Byzantine and Early Islamic Periods (Qedem 43). Jerusalem .

E. Mazar 2004. The Phoenician Family Tomb N.1 at the Northern Cemetery of Achziv (10th-6th Centuries BCE). Sam Turner Expedition. Final Report of the Excavations (Cuadernos de Arquelogia Mediterranea 10). Barcelona .