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All in the family

A beautifully built ashlar tomb was revealed in the northern cemetery of Achziv , a site excavated under the direction of Dr. Eilat Mazar. The tomb, belonging to a prosperous Phoenician family, contained dozens of burials and a wealth of finds that can date its use to the 10th-6th centuries BCE, including 200 pottery vessels with common types such as pilgrim flasks, trefoil rim jugs, mushroom rim jugs, scarabs, amulets, jewelry, and iron weapons and tools. Together the finds constitute the richest assemblage found to date in a tomb in the Phoenician homeland in the Iron Age.

The 2004 excavation season at Achziv uncovered more of the cremation burial site surrounding the tomb and future excavations intend to expand our knowledge of this fascinating phenomenon. A final report of the excavations of the tomb has recently been published in English.

Find out more: Cuadernos de Arqueologia Mediterranea 10, Barcelona (2004).