Pictures from the Sha'ar Hagolan Excavations

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1. Sha`ar Hagolan, 1997 season. Excavations carried out at the site under sun shades.


2. Sha`ar Hagolan, 1997 season. All the site sediment is sieved, through 2 by 2 mm. mesh. This activity is also carried out under a sun shades.


3. Sha`ar Hagolan, 1997 season. The completely excavated monumental building at the end of the season.

4. Sha`ar Hagolan, 1997 season. Close-up of the eastern part of the monomental building showing a series of four small rooms (two of them paved with flat river pebbles) and the curved alley to its east.

5. Sha`ar Hagolan, 1997 season. The partly excavated monumental building in the west. Here, many artifacts were found on the floors, probably indicating that its inhabitants did not leave it intentionaly and hoped to return to use it.


6. Sha`ar Hagolan, 1997 season. A small clay figurine with the famous "coffee bean" eays. This item was discovered in a pit in an open area north of the monumental building.


7. Sha`ar Hagolan, 1997 season. A large-sized clay statue of a fertility goddess discovered at the east side of the courtyard of the completely excavated monumental building.

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