Museum of Yarmukian Culture

The Museum at Kibbutz Sha`ar Hagolan is world famous for the number and quality of items displayed in it. The visitor gains a comprehensive picture of daily life as well as of the art and cult of a 8000-7500 year old Neolithic farmers` village on the bank of the Yarmuk River. This culture was first unearthed at Sha`ar Hagolan and has been named the Yarmukian Culture. The largest assemblage of prehistoric art objects ever found in Israel comes from the site of Sha`ar Hagolan.



The mueseum is open daily from 9:00 - 12:00

Museum of Yarmukian Culture ,Sha'ar Hagolan

Emek Hayarden, Israel 15145

Tel. 06-6757386 - Fax 06-6757100

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