The Yarmukian Culture in Israel

VIII. Ecomony

This is another obscure chapter in the study of the Yarmukian Culture. No final reports on the fauna were published from Sha`ar Hagolan, Habashan Street, or Hamadiya, and the material from my new excavations at Sha`ar Hagolan has not yet been analyzed. Only from Munhata some preliminary results were published, concerning only 121 bones from both Layers 2b and 2a(100).

The following identification of animal species, and their percentage were reported: sheep/goat (29.5%), ghazal (25%), pig (22.3%), cattle (19.9%) and fox (3.3%). Not much can be deduced from the data of one site, where two different layers are combined together. This aspect of the Yarmukian should receive more attention in future research.


100) Ducos, 1968: 91.