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Tegenu Gossa Aredo

Tegenu Gossa Aredo


Ph.D. dissertation topic: The Acheulian lithic technology of the Melka-Wakena site, South-central Ethiopia

Advisor: Prof. Erella Hovers


The Acheulian techno-complex existed for well over a million years, across the evolutionary life span of many hominin species. It represents one of the most persistent lithic techno-complexes of our genus. While it is said to have manifested little techno-morphological variation over this long period, recent studies have identified temporal and spatial trends of change and variability across various regions and time periods. My PhD research project is going to be held in the newly discovered Lower-Middle Pleistocene site of Melka-Wakena (MW), one of the few highland hominin occupation sites known globally during this time range. Given the trends of variability identified in the MW localities during reconnaissance studies, a detailed analysis of dated assemblages from reliable contexts is expected to provide insights about the internal dynamics of change and continuities of Acheulian technology that can be linked with issues of foraging strategies and highland adaptation processes for Lower and Middle Pleistocene hominin groups. Geo-chronological studies at MW will help place the archaeological observations in a temporal scale and thereby help to address the question of continuity versus disjunction, both regionally and temporally, in relation to other Ethiopian “Classical”Acheulian sites such as Gadeb, Melka Kunture, Konso Gardula, and Kesem Kabena. The various lines of data will be tied to questions of ecological resilience and hominin dispersals within and out of Africa.

Current projects

  • Melka-Wakena site complex- Lower and Middle Pleistocene
  • Aladi-springs- MSA/LSA transition and LSA
Curriculum Vitae