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Talia Goldman


Ph. D. Dissertation Topic:

Advisor: Dr. Ilan Sharon (Hebrew University) and Prof. Uzy Smilansky (Weizmann Institute)


AL 894 is a Late Pliocene site (2.3 mya) in Hadar, northern Ethiopia.  It is one of the oldest archaeological sites known to date in the world. The thesis focuses on selection patterns of lithic raw materials at the site. Through a detailed analysis, conducted on both the archaeological material and on the geological sources of raw material available in the vicinity of the site, an attempt was made to identify and understand the criteria that guided the ancient hominids in acquiring their raw material. Analyzing those selection patterns will help to provide a more detailed reconstruction of the cognitive abilities and behaviors of those ancient hominids.


  • Participation in various prehistoric excavation sites in Israel, Europe and Africa
  • Staff member of the Tel Dor excavation project, Israel: field work and publication of the site