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Dr. Rivka Rabinovich

Course Topics in Last Four Years:

  • Introduction to archaeozoology
  • Selected cases of fauna interpretations
  • Seminar of archaeozoology
  • Small and big in the southern Levantine fauna from archaeological sites 

Graduate Students:

Dr. Eli Lotan: Actualistic studies: taphonomy in the Jordan Valley (with Prof. N. Goren-Inbar, Hebrew University); Graduated.

Motro Hadas: Equid skeletons from the Frankish castle of Vadum Iacob: archaeozoological evidence of a massacre (with Dr. R. Ellenblum, Hebrew University).

Sharon Gil: Mammalian fauna from Hut 13 at Ohalo II (with Dr. D. Nadel, Haifa University).

Ron Kahati: The faunal assemblage from the Roman army camp of Avdat, Israel (with Dr. Z. Weiss, Hebrew University).