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Dr. Rivka Rabinovich


Ph.D. 1998, Hebrew University

National Natural History Collections, Institute of Earth Sciences,
Institute of Archaeology
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem,
Berman Building, Edmond J. Safra campus, Givat Ram
Jerusalem 91904, Israel

Research Interests:

  • Animal bones as a marker of past human behavior
  • Paleoecological and taxonomic implications of faunal assemblages from prehistoric sites in the southern Levant
  • Patterns of animal exploitation and subsistence during the Paleolithic in the southern Levant
  • Vertebrate taphonomy

  • Figure 1: Cut marks on a gazelle long bone, Amud Cave

    Aging and sexing of archaeological faunal material as a marker of human exploitation, seasonality and climate change
  • Experimental studies of carnivore and rodent activity
  • Butchery experiments
  • Paleonutrition in the Mediterranean Basin

Ongoing Projects:

  • Intra-site faunal variability: analysis of faunal remains from the Neandertal site of Amud Cave (see figure 1)
  • Broad spectrum revolution, evolution or necessity? Analysis of the faunal assemblage from the Natufian site of Eynan and its implications for reconstruction of subsistence patterns and site formation processes
  • Taphonomy of the fauna from the submerged prehistoric site of Ohalo II
  • Analysis of the fauna from the Lower Paleolithic site of Gesher Benot Ya'aqov (see figure 2)

  • Figure 2: Fallow deer limb bone broken for marrow extraction, Gesher Benot Ya'aqov

    Cervids in the southern Levant
  • Conservation and analysis of faunal remains from the Lower Paleolithic site of Revadim (with focus on elephant bones)
  • Crusaders’ horses at Metzad Ateret
  • Roman limes fauna

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